Everything You Need To Know About Writing A Bid Winning Proposal

Government organizations aspire to get the best possible outcome of the procurement so it is in the own interest of the Bid Manager, Suppliers, and Contractors to submit the most accurate and well-informed bid proposal. A very critical part of the bidding process is drafting the bid proposal. It is crucial to invest an ample amount of time in it doing the research about the contracting government organization and what they are expecting from the tender. A very crucial part of the whole bidding process is drafting the bid proposal. It is important to invest sufficient time in doing the research about the contracting government organization and what they are expecting from the tender.

What are the components of the Bid Proposal?

There are various tenders which are issued by Government organizations and proposals can differ for different organizations and project requirements. Some elements are more or less present in every Bid Proposal such as:

  1. Motive of the proposal
  2. Supplying agencies contact information
  3. Extent of the job

5 Main Points To Remember Before Drafting The Bid Proposal:

  1. Details About The Project: Tender documents are the guide that includes all the important information about the project like the Government’s Needs, Procurement Methods, Basis of Evaluation, and Contract Awards. Investigate the tender document bit by bit to make sure you cover every feature of the project and put forward a convincing proposal stating how your skills and resources will be able to deliver excellent results.
  2. Experts Behind The Scene: Choose your team as per the strengths of the experts that can work together and share a common goal of winning the government bid. It is crucial to establish a team that is well planned and collaborative that can complete the job efficiently. Before heading onto the tender proposal draft it is significant to clearly explain the roles and responsibilities of each team member and make sure that all of them are on the same page.
  3. Retain A Customized Approach: Address the contracting authority by the name. This will signal to the government structure that you have gone through the details of the tender document and did not just go about copy-pasting responses for every project. Moreover, referring by name helps to build a personal connection. Like every Tender, each buyer is different and has different assumptions from the contracting authority. So take enough time to read the tender documents and customize your response as per the particular bid. If you have any problem understanding a particular question, feel free to inquire about it.
  4. Place Yourself In The Buyer’s Shoes: A more firm approach towards planning a tender proposal is to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Ask questions like “What is important to the client?”, “How can you add real value to the specified requirements?” or “What are the benefits that you might look at while selecting a tender proposal?”.
  5. Encourage The Advantage: While planning a tender proposal it is significant to cite the Cost, Timeliness, and Requirements of the project. It is important to outline the interests that government organizations will acquire from you. It is important to conduct a research on what the government agencies are seeking out from the contracting authority and try to come up with more than one alternative idea for the same.


Various online tender portals like TendersAndBids are there to ease the process of government bidding by helping it’s users from the initial stages of preparing the bid proposal till the contract award.




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