User Guide For Writing A Recruitment Tender

What Is A Recruitment Tender?

Ways To Find Recruitment Tenders

Usual Recruitment Tender Questions

  1. Account Management
  2. Added Value (to include innovation, awards and accreditations)
  3. Recruitment Process/Candidate Journey
  4. Legislative Compliance (e.g AWR, IR35)

Our Course Performance With Recruitment Tenders

  1. Clearly define your USPs — What is unique about your recruitment methodology that is different from your competitors
  2. Get your industry knowledge across — How does your approach differ when recruiting across different industries? What specialist knowledge does your team have that will guide candidates through the market and give them confidence that you understand their career journey/goals?
  3. Get the tone right — Recruitment is a people-centered service, so make sure this is reflected in your response.

TendersAndBids can assist with Recruitment Tenders



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